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Phone: (415) 759-2811

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Weekly Update 4/15 – 4/19

This Week at FSK:
4/17  PTA General Meeting at 6p (please RSVP at the home page)
4/17  Chalk Drawing at 10a at the school yard for LGBTQ2 Month
4/19  Bike and Roll to School, 7:30-7:50a
4/19  Wear colors to celebrate LGBTQ2 Month by grade level: K – PURPLE, 1st – BLUE, 2nd – GREEN, 3rd – YELLOW, 4th – ORANGE, 5th – RED.

*** Our Good Eggs fundraiser is still going on thru 4/30. Visit schools.goodeggs.com and enter the code FSK2019.

Also, we’re very close to meeting our annual School Fundraising Goal. Please consider a direct donation today to help us meet our $100K Goal before the school year ends in early June!  Visit:  http://myfsk-staging.org/get-involved/donate/

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