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After School Learning Program (ASLP)

After School Learning Program (ASLP)

The After School Learning Program (ASLP) is committed to creating a safe and engaging space for youth to grow their skills and interests, express creativity and be involved in their community. In addition to academic support, enrichment classes and physical education, our program incorporates intentional community building with a focus on equity and inclusion. We partner with day school administration and staff to provide a continuum of learning that makes After School the best place to be once the bell rings!



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Mandarin and Spanish Classes:
Reminder – Today is the deadline for Families to register in Spanish or Mandarin Classes. Families will receive and separate confirmation email from the Spanish and Mandarin directors that will include curriculum information and scheduling information. This confirmation email will go out on or after August 24, 2020.
***Update on Spanish:  virtual classes will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and once a month on Friday; grades K-1 will be from 3:15-4:05pm and grades 2-5 will be from 4:10-5:00pm.  Families will be receiving an email confirmation from the Spanish teacher before October 5, 2020. Spanish classes start: The week of October 5, 2020. 
Your current acceptance into After-school’s Distance Learning does NOT guarantee a spot for when we go back to in-person:
Families who are registered and received a confirmation of enrollment into After-school’s Distance Learning Program are currently being charged the registration fee and a language class (if this applies to them). This registration fee is for the duration that after-school will be via Distance Learning only. It does not count towards saving a spot for when, and if we go back to in-person programming. 
If you don’t intend to have your student participate in After-school’s Distance Learning Program, we ask that you reach out to us to let us know. From there, we can delete your current registration. Please note that registrations of families who have paid the registration fee, but do NOT have their student(s) participate, does not automatically save their enrollment spot for when, and if, we go back to in-person programming. There will be a separate registration process for when, and if, we go back to in-person. 
We have heard from many, but not all, families regarding their choice to opt out of after-school. For families whom we have not heard from, we kindly ask that you let us know if you student will be participating in Distance Learning or not. In addition, Ms Helene and I will be reaching out to families with students who have been accepted to After-school, but have not attended this week. We will be reaching out via phone call and emails next week. 
We understand that the pandemic has forced families into financial burdens- on top of other stressors. If you find yourself in need of Distance Learning Programming, but find the registration fee to be unfeasible, please let us know. We will never deny a family of After-school programming due to financial hardships. We are always happy to discuss different options.
Every Friday, from 3pm-3:45pm, we are allowing all students an opportunity to visit other zoom rooms; regardless of their grade! Our After-school teachers will be offering a Friendly Friday Club activity; these will change every week. From 3:00pm-3:10pm students will have the opportunity to go from zoom session to zoom session to decide which activity they’d like to participate in. After the 10 minutes, they will be expected to participate in that activity for the remainder time of the session. In addition, every Friday after-school will end at 3:45pm. 


***AUGUST 11TH UPDATE:  Due to popular demand, we have created 2 new registration terms: Mandarin ONLY and Spanish ONLY classes. These 2 registration options will allow families/students to register for JUST a language class without attending the virtual after-school program. The deadline for families to register for Spanish and Mandarin is August 21, 2020.  Families will receive and separate confirmation email from the Spanish and Mandarin directors that will include curriculum information and scheduling information. This confirmation email will go out on or after August 24, 2020.

To register, please follow the below instructions:

2020-2021 Fees

$350 After-school Only: Non- Free and Reduced Lunch, Virtual

$175 After-school Only:  Free and Reduced Lunch, Virtual

$1350 After-school & Mandarin class, Virtual

$1225 After-school registration & Spanish, Virtual

$1200 Mandarin Class ONLY, Virtual

$1100 Spanish Class ONLY, Virtual

For new families to ASP,  please follow the instructions in the attachment.  

1)  Go to https://bacr.force.com/afterschool/s/

2)  Create Account – Select (School) – (Step 1 in the attachment)

3)  Complete information on each page and select “submit” on the bottom of the page. 

For returning ASP families, please follow these instructions:

1)  Go to https://bacr.force.com/afterschool/s/

2)  Sign into your account – If you are having trouble signing in, please contact your coordinators for assistance

3)  Select “New Registration”

4)  Select School Site and 2020/2021 School Year

5)  Verify/Update information on each page and select “submit” on the bottom of the page. 



FSK After School Learning Program is excited to begin the school year with the FSK community.  We will be providing assistance during school day virtual sessions as well as leading virtual study sessions and virtual enrichment activities during the after school hours.
Our Virtual Program will have a Flat Registration Fee – a one time payment ($350 for non free/reduced lunch and $175 for free/reduced lunch) per participant. Our monthly tuition fee will be waived until we transition back to in person program. Proof of qualification will be requested.  Due to the uncertainty of our return to in person program offerings, we are planning for these virtual sessions through December 2020; for all of Fall semester.  
Submitted registrations will be accepted by the end of the day, today August 6th. You should be receiving a confirmation email confirming your enrollment in after-school. 
Beginning January 2021, if sessions continue virtually, we will have a new registration with a separate fee for the Spring Semester.  
We plan to offer virtual Mandarin language and Spanish language classes at an additional cost.  
If you are interested but have not registered, please go to bacr.force.com/afterschool to register.  For questions, please reach out to Ms. Bel (bolivar@bacr.org) and Ms. Hélène (hszabados@bacr.org).  
We’re excited for the new school year!


  • DUE THURSDAY, AUGUST 6th, 2020!
  • Acceptances will be notified by email before August 17th.  Your child will automatically be put on our waitlist if not accepted.  
  • Payments WILL NOT be accepted at this time.  We will email when payments will be due.  

For new families to ASLP,  please follow the instructions in the attachment.  

  1. Go to https://bacr.force.com/afterschool/s/
  2. Create Account – Select (School) – (Step 1 in the attachment)
  3. Complete information on each page and select “submit” on the bottom of the page. 

For returning ASP families, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to https://bacr.force.com/afterschool/s/
  2. Sign into your account – If you are having trouble signing in, please contact your coordinators for assistance
  3. Select “New Registration”
  4. Select School Site and 2020/2021 School Year
  5. Verify/Update information on each page and select “submit” on the bottom of the page. 

Program Summary – In Person, when safe to reopen schools per SFDPH and SFSUD protocols.

The After School Learning Program (ASLP) at Francis Scott Key Elementary is open every school day from 1:50pm to 6:00pm. Parents are able to pick up their child at 4pm, 5pm, and 5:45pm each day. Francis Scott Key Elementary is located at 1530 43rd Avenue, San Francisco, California 94122.

CONTACT: For more information, please email Francis Scott Key’s Afterschool Site Coordinator, Bel Estiva, or Assistant Site Coordinator, Hélène Szabados, or Family Engagement Coordinator, Caley Akridge.

Typical Day

A typical day at FSK starts at 1:50pm day school is dismissed. K-2nd Grade Program leaders pick up their students from the classroom, while 3rd-5th Graders are released to the yard where they will meet their ASLP group and Program Leader in a designated zone. For the remainder of the day, students adhere to the following schedule:

K-2nd Grade 3rd-5th Grade
1:50-2:00pm Sign In 1:50-2:00pm Sign In
2:00p-2:30pm Supper 2:00-2:30pm Recreation
2:30-3pm Recreation 2:30-3pm Supper
3-4pm Enrichment Club 3-4pm Homework
4-5pm Homework 4p-5pm Enrichment Club
5-5:15pm Snack 5-5:15pm Snack
5:15-5:45pm Recess 5:15-5:45pm Recess
5:45-6p Sign Out 5:45-6pm Sign Out

fsk youth playground

During supper, our students are provided a healthy meal option and the opportunity to share community time with their ASLP group. We encourage health-focused foods at ASLP! Please help us by packing nutritious snacks and drinks from home that help our students keep up their energy.

Following supper and structured Recreation and game time led by Program leaders, the remaining part of our day includes Homework Assistance, Club Hour and Recess.

  • Homework Assistance- A structured environment for students to work ion their homework both independently and collaboratively with the assistance of Program Leaders.
  • Enrichment Clubs- Program Leaders create and facilitate lesson plans that promote student’s social & emotional skill development, problem solving, creativity, and engagement in their communities. Clubs run on an 8-week rotation, giving students the opportunity to experience 3 different areas of interest and engagement throughout the year.
  • Recreation- Structured playtime for students, led by Program Leaders, that promotes active lifestyle choices, teamwork and leadership.
fsk youth outdoor games
Enrichment Clubs

Monday through Friday all of our students get the opportunity to participate in enrichment clubs that are created and led by Program Leaders and trusted independent subcontracts. Some of our previous clubs have included: Cooking, Theatre Arts, Marine Biology, Academic Chess, Film Making, Lion Dance, and Newspaper Club. In addition to Enrichment Clubs run by staff, we also offer our popular existing language programs (fee-based); Mandarin and Spanish.

fsk coordinator youth homework

Special Events

ASLP holds various events for our students and families to attend throughout the year, such as Lights On Afterschool!, Winter and Spring student showcases, carnivals and celebrations. We hope to bring the entire FSK community together during these events. Please look for communication from our Coordinator about special dates throughout the school year!

fsk youth reading