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School Site Council (SSC)

The purpose of the School Site Council is to make determinations on how to manage the school budget, among other issues. It is made up of parents and staff. The council meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month during the school year.  For more information about what is School Site Council, click here to be directed to SFUSD’s site: http://www.sfusd.edu/en/councils-committees/school-site-council.html

The objective of the School Site Council as outlined in its bylaws are:
  1. Advise the school regarding the planning, budgeting, implementation and evaluation of the School Site Plan.
  2. Study and refine the School Site Plan (Balanced Scorecard) to meet the educational needs and learning styles of all students. At Francis Scott Key Elementary School, the needs of SFUSD targeted students will be especially supported: African Americans, English Learners, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, Special Education students, and others as deemed by student data. The School Site Plan will include related staff development activities for adults working with these students.
  3. Support the Goals of the District:
    a.) Access & Equity: Make social justice a reality.
    b.) Student Achievement: Engage high achieving and joyful learners.
    c.) Accountability: Keep our promises to students and families.
  4. Emphasize the role of the parent as the first teacher of the child and provide opportunities for all parents develop the intellectual, social, and physical abilities of their children.
  5. Take other actions as required by the California Education Code.
The monthly council meeting is open to the public to attend.
The School Site Council of FSK consists of volunteer parents and staff.
Current School Site Council Members:
  • Amos Lim
  • Liza Catubig-Bonpin
  • Long Tran
  • Jason Dare (Member at large)
  • Rosalind Ng (Member at large)
  • Ying Mimi Kasner – Principal
  • Catherine Larkin Horn – Vice Principal
  • Scott Cuper – Para
  • Marissa Ling – Teacher (4-5)
  • Charissa Yuen Ling – Teacher (2-3)
  • Karen Long – Teacher (K-1)
Council members serve a 2 year term. Please contact us if you are interested in attending or joining the FSK SSC.
School Site Council election will be held in the 4th quarter of the Year.  Please look for the nomination form that will be coming home in the Wednesday Envelope with your kids.