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2020-2021 PTA Fundraising

My name is Emily LaTourrette, and I’ll be your VP of Fundraising on the FSK PTA Board this year. This is my second year on the Board in this role.  My daughter Kyla will be a 2nd grader this year, and our younger daughter Sienna is starting Kindergarten this year.  I’m excited to work with all of you to continue supporting a strong, connected community and to meet our PTA’s Fundraising goal for this school year. 

A new goal this year is putting together a Fundraising Committee to share new ideas, optimize our fundraising opportunities, and connect more as a community around supporting our school, especially during this time where many of us face myriad challenges.  Our school needs our support now more than ever! Please email me if you’re interested in being on the Committee.   

Over the past few years, I’ve heard many people refer to FSK as a “special” school.”  Indeed, FSK really is a special community of people: students, educators, staff, and parents.  A big part of what makes the school special is the community and authentic engagement. And, we saw our community truly come together this spring during Shelter in Place and school closures.  As we start this new school year still away from our school building, it’s even more important that we continue to nurture our support for one another and become even more connected as a community. Our families, school, neighborhood, city, country, and world need this connection now more than ever. 

Last year we met our Fundraising goal of $120,000!  This was even more incredible given the myriad challenges we faced in the spring when we moved our Auction Gala to a virtual event. Thank you to everyone who made reaching last year’s goal possible. The money we raised went toward finishing our STEAM classroom redesign, our Garden program, technology updates and licenses, classroom supplies, programs (such as Art in Action & Science Sacks), and many community-building events. In addition to continuing to support what we did last year, this year’s Fundraising efforts will also help us ensure we can continue to support our teachers, staff, and programs during this incredibly challenging time for our school and District. While the specific needs of our staff and current programs may temporarily shift as we begin the year remotely, the funding needed to support our school remains. 

There are many ways you can help us reach our Fundraising goal of $120,000 this year:

Start of school year


Late September/Early October — Fall Fundraising Virtual Event (stay tuned for details!)

  • Support our school by participating!

  • This event will bring us together as a community AND kick off our Direct Donation Campaign and major Fundraising for the year

October through May — Direct Donation Campaign

Spring 2021 — Annual Auction/Gala

  • This has been our single biggest source of Fundraising revenue along with our Direct Donation Campaign.  Attend, mingle with fellow parents and educators/staff, and purchase fun items!

Early May — Educator Appreciation Week


I’d love to encourage more of our community to take part in supporting our school.  That can take many forms and all your support, ideas, and contributions–whether it is time or a donation–are incredibly important.  And every amount matters.  

Please email me at   fundraisingvp@fskey.org if you would like to be part of our Fundraising Committee or have any questions. Thank you so much for your support!





























































我是Emily LaTourrette。我是本學年FSK委員會的籌款副主席。這是我在委員會擔任這個職位的第二年。我的女兒Kyla今年將是二年級的學生,而小女兒Sienna今年也開始上幼稚園了。我很期待與您們一起繼續支持我們強大及團結的社區並一同達到我們這個學年家教會所定下的籌款目標。我們籌款委員會今年有一個新目標就是分享新的點子,優化我們的籌款機會和在我們各位面臨這個嚴峻挑戰的時刻團結社區來支持我們的學校。我們的學校比以往更需要您們的支持!如您有興趣加入我們的委員會,請電郵 給我。   




去年,我們達到我們的$120,000籌款目標!有鑑於春季我們面對前所未有的挑戰,我們把拍賣晚會移到虛擬舉行。而我們仍有這個成果更加令人難以置信。我們所籌得的款項將用作我們的STEAM課室改建,花園課程,科技更新及許可証,課室物資,課程(如藝術在行動和科學包)和其他活動。 在這個對學校和校區面對挑戰的時期中,除了繼續去年的形式支持學校,我們今年籌款活動將確保繼續支持我們的老師,教職員及課程。雖然我們的教職員及現時的課程的特定需求在開學時會暫時改為遙距方式,我們對學校的資金資助仍然存在。




9月尾 — 秋季籌款虛擬活動 (密切留意詳情!)

  • 通過參與支持我們的學校!

  • 這個活動將把我們團結一起並啟動我們今年的直接捐款計劃和重要籌款活動


10月至5月 — 直接捐款計劃

2021春 — 周年拍賣/晚會

  • 這是我們直接捐款活動的最大籌款來源之一。 出席,與其他父母和教育工作者/職員打成一片,並購買有趣的物品!

5月初 — 感謝教育工作者周

  • 考慮作出最後一次直接捐款以表揚我們的教職員


我希望鼓勵我們的社區更多人參與支持我們的學校。 這可以採取多種形式。無論是您的時間還是捐贈,您的所有支持,想法和貢獻都非常重要。 每一個支持都很重要。 


如果您想加入我們籌款委員會或有其他問題,請電郵給我 (fundraisingvp@fskey.org)。謝謝您的支持!


Local Retailer Direct Programs

  • Sloat Gardens  – Shop at Sloat Gardens during the “Growing up Green” fundraiser on certain weeks during the year and mention FSK at the checkout; our school receives a portion of sales during the fundraising weeks.
  • Sports Basement become a Basementeer, mention FSK to cashier, and 10% of your purchases will be donated to FSK. 


Online/Digital Programs

Amazon Smile – set your Amazon smile account to donate to Francis Scott Key PTA and a portion of all purchases go to FSK!


MOGL:  Do you eat out often?  MOGL is an app that will rebate up to 15% (depending on stores and time of day) of your meal ticket back to you.  You can choose to have the rebate donated to Francis Scott Key Elementary PTA fundraiser.  They have about 200 restaurants/cafes within 5 miles of 94114 for users to eat and get rebates.